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Your business is successful, but you feel you need an internet presence to communicate effectively with your customers, and to generate new business. You want a simple solution, which delivers results and improves efficiency without distracting you and your employees from what makes your business work. Dragonfly Consulting has your solution.

Dragonfly Consulting can set up everything your business needs to develop and maintain an internet presence, including domain name research and registration, email addresses for your employees, and web design and maintenence services. Our networking expertise also lets us set up your entire office with high-speed internet access via DSL, T1 or T3 (Subject to availability). All of the computers on your network will share access many times faster than your dial-up connections. Internet time and email will become more effective and efficient.

Dragonfly specifies 3rd-Party services for access and webhosting from large national providers, provides web-design services, and handles all the setup and configuration so you can get on with your work.


Dragonfly has the tools and expertise to design an effective website for your company. Let us review your website needs and design an effective solution to meet them. (more)