Many of our small-business clients find that it is more cost effective to hire Dragonfly to design and implement networking solutions than to have full-time IT staff. Dragonfly provides a high level of expertise and customer service, and the client only pays for the services they need.

  • Windows, Macintosh, & Cross-Platform Networks.
  • Ethernet & Wireless solutions.
  • Firewalls & Routers for secure internet sharing.
  • Print Servers and Networked Printing.
  • File sharing and office security.
  • Networks designed correctly from the bottom up, for simple and trouble-free expansion as your needs grow.
  • VPN and Frame Relay setup and administration
  • T1-3 setup and Firewall administration for secure networks
  • On-Call network tech support
  • Secure wireless networks


Every company with a network has two choices: Maintain and pay in-house staff to troubleshoot and maintain your systems and network, or hire outside consultants to handle this service. Too many consulting companies will deliberately overbuild your network to increase their profits. Dragonfly provides a low-cost solution which is focused on maximizing your productivity and minimizing your expenses. Contact us.